Hi, I’m Kimmi.
A traveling photographer and writer who loves to explore the outdoors and become immersed in different cultures. For many years, I’ve traveled across numerous countries by prioritizing experiences over possessions and living out of a backpack. When not on the road, I’m based in beautiful Lake Tahoe, California.
I’m passionate about living adventurously and connecting deeply with others on a global scale. Community, culture, and conservation are important to me – I believe that we all have a responsibility to do our part to raise awareness to protect nature and our ecosystems for future generations, as well as appreciate the beauty of our surroundings right now.
All-around creative, I work with clients to bring their vision to life through colorful imagery, visual storytelling, and written narratives that convey the essence of an experience and their message. There is so much that we share in this world, and my life’s goal is to capture these wonderful moments in our daily lives and tell a story that inspires and evokes meaningful action. Through a decade of experience working in various creative industries, I offer the following skills:
Portrait, Engagement, Weddings
Branding (Personal & Business)
Campaigns & Assignments
Event & Press Coverage
Product Photography
Production / Film: 
Writing & Social Media
Production Designer
Muralist / Painter
Colorist / Color Grading
Location Scouting
Props & Costuming
Personal photographer services for traveling musicians, artists, and social influencers also available.

For inquiries, please email: [email protected] or send a message below!